What Type of Plantation Shutters Are Best?

There are several types of wood plantation shutters available. These include Alder, Basswood, Yellow poplar, and Composite. Each of these materials has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The natural beauty of wood grain makes it an ideal choice for interior shutters. Wooden shutters can be shaped to fit any window and can be stained to match the aesthetics of the home. You can also find Perth plantation shutters, which look like real wood but have superior insulation.


Basswood plantation shutters are considered the best choice for interior plantation shutters. The wood is extremely dense and can handle stain or paint easily. Its fine pores make the blades of the shutters look smooth. The wood is also extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. It is also fast growing and one of the most sustainable types of wood.

Despite the fact that basswood plantation shutters cost the most, they are still considered the best option for many homes. They have the added benefit of being durable, which is a must for a home. A solid frame and louvers make these shutters a great option for a long-term investment|.

Yellow poplar

Poplar plantation shutters are a great option for adding elegance to any room. They are made of solid poplar wood and are available in a wide variety of paint and stain colors. The poplar wood is also very durable and makes for excellent shutters. Poplar is a great option for painting, but it is not the best choice for custom staining. Basswood is a better choice if you want to give a shutter a custom color. Poplar wood is also commonly used for kitchen cabinets, furniture, paneling, and exterior trim. Furthermore, poplar is also used to make musical instruments. Poplar trees are part of the magnolia family.

Yellow poplar can be found on moist sites in the southern United States. The species needs to be protected from extremes of temperature. In southern Indiana, frosts can cause sun scalds and kill new growth. However, these conditions do not affect the yellow poplar during the dormant season.


Before purchasing your plantation shutters, you should know what to look for. Wood shutters are typically made from various species of timber that are glued together. However, the quality of wood shutters can vary greatly. Some wood shutters are painted, which can give a good look, but others are covered in calcium coating before painting, which lessens the finish. When shopping for your shutters, it is best to ask questions and do your research to ensure you get a good product.

Wooden plantation shutters are the traditional style, but they can warp or sag over time. That’s why hardwood shutters are not recommended for rooms that get a lot of moisture, including bathrooms and garages. However, there are other materials you can purchase for your shutters that can withstand higher moisture content.