The Locksmith’s Toolbox: 10 Essential Tools Every Locksmith Should Have


As a professional locksmith, having the right tools at your disposal is essential for ensuring efficient and effective lock-related services. Whether you’re a seasoned locksmith or just starting in the field, equipping yourself with the right tools can make a significant difference in your work. In this article, we will explore the ten essential tools that every locksmith should have in their toolbox. These tools will not only help you provide exceptional service to your clients but also contribute to your success in the industry. The Locksmith Werribee is a trusted and reliable locksmith service provider serving the Werribee community.

1. Key Extractors

One of the most common challenges locksmiths face is dealing with broken or stuck keys. Key extractors are specialized tools designed to safely remove broken keys from locks without causing any damage. These tools come in various sizes and shapes, allowing locksmiths to tackle different types of key extraction situations efficiently.

2. Lock Picks

Lock picks are indispensable tools for locksmiths, enabling them to manipulate the pins inside a lock to unlock it without using a key. Lock picks come in different designs, such as hook picks, rake picks, and diamond picks, each serving a specific purpose. Skillful locksmiths master the art of lock picking, and having a reliable set of lock picks is crucial for their success.

3. Tension Wrenches

Working in conjunction with lock picks, tension wrenches are used to apply torque to the lock cylinder, creating tension and allowing the locksmith to manipulate the pins. These tools are essential for the delicate process of lock picking and require skillful handling. A well-crafted tension wrench can make a significant difference in successfully unlocking a lock.

4. Key Cutting Machine

A key cutting machine is a vital tool that allows locksmiths to duplicate keys accurately. With advancements in technology, modern key cutting machines provide precision and speed, enabling locksmiths to create duplicate keys quickly and efficiently. Investing in a high-quality key cutting machine is essential for any locksmith looking to deliver professional and reliable key duplication services.

5. Plug Spinners

Plug spinners are specialized tools used to rotate the plug within a lock after it has been picked, mimicking the action of a key turning in the lock. This tool is particularly useful when dealing with locks that require rotation in a specific direction to unlock. A reliable plug spinner can save time and effort for locksmiths, especially in situations where a lock cannot be picked conventionally.

6. Pinning Kits

Pinning kits are sets of pins and springs that locksmiths use to rekey locks or replace worn-out components. These kits allow locksmiths to customize the pinning configurations of lock cylinders to match new keys or address specific security requirements. A comprehensive pinning kit provides locksmiths with the flexibility to tackle various rekeying tasks efficiently.

7. Key Decoders

Key decoders are specialized tools that help locksmiths identify the correct pinning combination of a lock by decoding the key’s bitting information. This enables locksmiths to create or duplicate keys accurately, even without access to the original key. Key decoders are particularly useful for automotive locksmiths who often work with complex lock systems.

8. Plug Follower

When servicing or rekeying a lock, a plug follower is used to keep the lock cylinder’s top pins, springs, and drivers in place while the locksmith works on the core. This tool ensures that delicate components stay in position, preventing damage or misalignment during the process. A plug follower is an essential tool for locksmiths who frequently service or rekey locks.

9. Broken Key Extractors

In addition to removing broken keys from locks, locksmiths may encounter situations where a key breaks inside a lock with a portion still stuck. Broken key extractors are specialized tools designed to safely remove the remaining broken key from the lock cylinder. These tools come in various designs, allowing locksmiths to extract keys of different sizes and types.

10. Lock Lubricant

Last but not least, every locksmith should have a good quality lock lubricant in their toolbox. Lock lubricants help reduce friction between lock components, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. By applying lubricant to locks during service or maintenance, locksmiths can enhance the longevity of the locks and prevent potential issues caused by wear and tear.


Equipping yourself with the right tools is crucial for every locksmith aiming to provide excellent service and succeed in the industry. The ten essential tools mentioned in this article, including key extractors, lock picks, tension wrenches, key cutting machines, plug spinners, pinning kits, key decoders, plug followers, broken key extractors, and lock lubricant, will significantly enhance your capabilities as a locksmith. By investing in high-quality tools and continuously improving your skills, you can position yourself as a reliable and competent locksmith who delivers exceptional results for clients.

Remember, having the right tools is only one aspect of being a successful locksmith. Building a reputation for professionalism, reliability, and excellent customer service is equally important. By combining the right tools with your expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can establish yourself as a top-ranking locksmith in your area.