Is it Normal to Have a Curved Penis?

People are often curious about the condition known as curve of the penis. A curved penis is a condition in which the penis appears to have a different curve from the other side (where it is straight). The curve of the penis is not solely caused by male sexual arousal, but can also be the result of any number of physical conditions. Having an erection without any feeling of fullness on one’s penis is one such condition.

Another condition that can cause the appearance of a curve in the penis is Peyronie’s disease. This is also a curvature that can occur in the penile shaft. In this condition, a narrow band of tissue called the tunica vaginalis narrows and thickens, which may cause the penis to curve. This is not due to sexual arousal and is not a cause for alarm. The condition can be corrected through surgery.

Peyronie's disease: THIS condition causes penis to bend and shorten |

There are other physical causes for the appearance of a curve in the penis. One of the most common is gynecomastia, which is the development of enlarged breasts. The tissues that make up a man’s breast tissues are similar to those that can be found in the penis, making the curvature of the penis look unnatural. Another cause is excessive fat deposition in the abdomen. Excessive fat deposits in the abdominal area make it difficult for the liver to excrete excess hormones in the body. These factors combine to make the appearance of a curve of the penis more apparent.

Although there are many physical causes for the appearance of a curve in the penis, there are also many psychological reasons why a penis may appear to have this curve. If one suffers from high stress levels, the result can be excessive fat deposits in the areas around the organs. This fat deposit can affect the normal blood flow and can cause a penis to have an unusual curve.

Another reason for the development of a curve is poor blood circulation in the organ. Circulation is important in allowing nutrients to get to all of the parts of the penis, especially the head. If there is insufficient blood flow, the tissue on the outer edge of the penis will be scarred, making it look crooked. If you want to correct this deformity, you should use a penile extender.

If you are concerned about the normal appearance of your penis, you should discuss any concerns with your doctor. Your doctor can determine the cause of your penis curvature and help to choose the best solution for your problem. If you want to use penis extenders, your doctor can explain the process and tell you if it is normal to have a curved penis. You will also learn how extenders work and if they are a suitable solution for your problem.