Finding The Best Australian Garlic Producers

“What is the Best Australian Garlic Product?” This is a question I get asked quite often from people just entering into the garlic scene here in Australia. It seems that many of them have no idea of the process and production of garlic, how to preserve it, or even where to get good quality garlic products to begin with. This article aims to provide some information on what is the best Australian Garlic Producers and where to get quality garlic straight from the heartland.

“Where can I buy Australian garlic?” Well, the best way to go about getting great quality Australian garlic is through wholesale suppliers. “Wholesale Suppliers” is just another word for “retailers”. A good wholesale provider of garlic will be able to provide you with the product (good or bad) that you need at wholesale price. Some wholesale providers do not have a “Best Australian Garlic Product” logo on their website, which is fine because they do not sell to the general public, but if they sell to the professional garlic growing and preparation industry, they should have one.

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“How do I find the best product in town? “, Here is another commonly asked question by newbies in the garlic world here in Australia. There are a few ways to find the best product for your specific needs and budget, but let’s get back to the question “Wholesale Suppliers” for now.

“How do I get the product to my door at the right time?” This is yet another common question. If you want a fresh, quality product delivered to your door step, then you need to look for a ‘drop ship’ distributor. A drop shipper simply sends the purchased product to the customer straight from the warehouse. You can be very assured of a quality product as you will be able to check the packaging material yourself.

“Where do I get the best prices?” Australian wholesale manufacturers selling garlic usually target the market who are ready to spend. They know that the price of a freshly grown clove of garlic is quite affordable compared to the price of grocery items that contain similar ingredients. However, to beat the competition, you need to look for the highest quality product at the best price available. Look out for ‘discounts’, free shipping and other promotional offers so you will be able to buy the most amount of garlic you need at the lowest possible price.

“Where do I find recipes for these garlic cloves?” Most likely, if you are a true garlic fan, you would have created your own personal favourite recipes for these delectable little treats. Perhaps you have even ventured into the world of baking these heavenly delicacies in numerous forms like garlic chips, bread, cookies or pasta sauce. If you are not a member of this special community, then perhaps you need to find ways to get high-quality yet cheap garlic.