Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Skip Bins

Waste management is a big issue for many companies, both large and small. One of the first steps to reducing waste is to have a waste management vehicle or team in place to manage the waste that accumulates in your company. A vehicle will allow waste management professionals to respond quickly to an unexpected situation such as a large dumpster spill. It can also help to provide the safety and security required to support the general health and safety of employees, clients and the community. Waste management vehicles consist of large waste management trucks which can transport waste anywhere in a commercial space. Waste management Mobile Skips bins are an excellent choice for companies looking for a cost effective solution for transporting heavy trash and other large items safely and securely.

Benefits Of Hiring Mobile Skip Bins

Waste management vehicles come in two varieties, stand-alone units and mobile units. They differ primarily in size, with most trucks being capable of housing several waste containers. The larger the waste container the larger the vehicle needs to be to accommodate all of the waste, making it more expensive to keep operational. Most waste management vehicle fleets, including trucks, trailers, and dumpsters, are powered by internal combustion engines providing excellent fuel economy along with increased reliability. However, because of the larger size and increased costs it is usually necessary to rent a waste management vehicle occasionally in order to meet delivery and pick up requirements. If your company relies on one vehicle to meet all of its waste transportation needs it is imperative to consider the advantages and disadvantages of renting a waste management vehicle.

One of the primary advantages of using a waste management vehicle is that it allows your waste management professionals to access difficult locations that would be too dangerous or time consuming for a team of people to enter safely. The increased visibility provided by a waste vehicle helps to ensure that all employees are able to work safely in areas that might otherwise be unsafe for them to enter. Portable waste bins are also a convenient option for companies that are unable to provide their employees with regular vehicle maintenance or who work in areas of high pollution. Regular vehicle maintenance can be costly and it can often become difficult or impossible to maintain your vehicle to strict safety regulations.

Another advantage of using a waste management truck or van is the capacity to store large volumes of waste that would typically be too heavy to put into regular waste bins. A portable skip bin can store a significant volume of waste before they need to be disposed of. Some skip bins have the ability to expand or contract to hold an extra fifty cubic meters of waste on the top of each bin, allowing businesses the ability to store large volumes of waste without having to make trips to the local waste facility. This increased capacity reduces the cost per ton of waste that is disposed of.

The main disadvantage of using a waste management vehicle is that it can be hard to obtain insurance coverage for a van or truck that is used to transport waste. If you are not covered under a general waste policy, you may need to purchase specialized waste management insurance to cover the vehicle. It is possible to obtain coverage for skip bins through most waste management companies. Skip Bins can also be purchased individually and are available in sizes to meet the needs of most businesses.

Choosing to buy skip bins is a good way to help reduce the impact of waste disposal on the environment and to improve the public’s health. By reducing the amount of waste that is produced and disposed of, skip bins allow communities to address issues of contamination of water sources, issues with landfills, and contamination of ground water supplies. Most waste management companies provide mobile skip bins that can be used in locations where they are not immediately accessible. Many companies will also take delivery of the skip bin to the location so that the customer can empty it at their leisure and without having to open the container themselves.